Kyoei Engine Service Co., Ltd.

President’s Message

At Kyoei Engine Service, we have continually strived to provide the products and services that meet our customers’ needs and expectations. Since our foundation, we have built up a wealth of experience which enables us to respond accurately and efficiently. This in turn has allowed us to establish a bond of trust with our customers and business partners, and may be considered as one of our biggest assets.

Our mission is to not only prevent ship-related problems in advance, but also to provide a quick response and reliable solution should any trouble occur. At the same time, we understand that we have to continually adapt our products and services to match our customer needs, be it for requests for increasingly complex equipment and diverse parts, or the expectation of fast response times and globally competitive pricing. We believe that overcoming these hurdles will serve to further strengthen the bond with our customers, and increase the degree of trust between us.

As the next step, at Kyoei Engine Service we are also developing new business activities to meet the future needs of our customers. As we move into a new age of digitization, it is necessary to strengthen data systems and security. In response to this, Kyoei Engine Service supplies ISO-Base™ platforms to protect valuable IT data and equipment from the impact of earthquakes. Furthermore, we also provide cooling solutions to ensure the stable operation of computer servers. We import the latest technology from the USA and handle the sales and implementation for our customers.

Meeting our customers’ needs. Increasing customer satisfaction. These are the factors we are constantly thinking about, as we work in harmony with our business partners to further improve our business solutions and strengthen ties with our customers.

At Kyoei Engine Service we will do all in our power to meet your expectations and assist you with the safe and secure navigation of your vessels.

We look forward to your continued patronage and cooperation.


Yoshihiro Asami
President & CEO


  • To fully utilize the wealth of experience we have built up over the years.
  • To quickly procure and deliver products that match our customers’ needs.
  • To strive to reduce costs for our customers.
  • To procure all kinds of products, regardless of the industry.
  • To dispatch products 365 days of the year.